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NANKANG SW-7 165/80-13

  • (Produkt nr.: T1658013NANKANGSW7)

  • 599 SEK

  • Däcktyp: personbil

  • Säsong: vinterdäck

  • Dubbar:

  • Hastighetsindex: T = 190 km/h

  • Load Index (max belastning för däcket): 83 = 487 kg

  • Antal i lager: 20+

Nankang SW-7 is a new high-quality studded tyre designed especially for Nordic conditions and equipped with first-class Finnish Tikka studs. Clinging hard into the road surface, these studs are durable and stay firmly in their holes. Wide grooves provide excellent traction and mobility on snow, and the sharp-edged blocks of the tread pattern contribute to the tyre's unique ice grip. Abundant zigzag sipes reduce the braking distance on snow and ice. The solid centre pattern of the tread stabilizes the tyre when driving straight and improves controllability on snowy roads. Designed especially for cold conditions, the new silica technology enhances traction in winter drivingNankang SW-7Nankang SW-7Combining tradition with state-of-the-art know-how and technology, the Taiwanese Nankang is one of the oldest and best tyre manufacturers in Asia. Nankang has a long history of designing and manufacturing winter tyres for Nordic conditions, and their quality winter tyres have been highly rated by several tyre magazines. A product of extensive R&D and testing, the new SW-7 combines all the fine qualities that represent Nankang's vast experience of quality tyre manufacturing.