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  • (Produkt nr.: T2055516GOODRIDE606)

  • 669 SEK

  • Däcktyp: personbil

  • Säsong: vinterdäck

  • Dubbar:

  • Hastighetsindex: T = 190 km/h

  • Load Index (max belastning för däcket): 91 = 615 kg

  • Antal i lager: 20+

Goodride FrostExtreme SW606 ‒ a studded winter tyre for icy conditions.The new arrow-like tread pattern of the tyre is designed to provide the best possible traction on snow and ice and to ensure a silent and comfortable driving experience. Goodride FrostExtreme SW606 is equipped with first-class Finnish Tikka studs. Clinging hard into the road surface, these studs are durable and stay firmly in their holes.The arrow-like tread pattern effectively removes snow, slush and water from under the tyre.A sharp-cornered shoulder construction provides excellent lateral traction and stability in cornering.Compounds designed especially for winter tyres improve the tyre's handling on snow and ice and keep it adequately soft even in extremely cold conditions.Goodride tyres ‒ quality you can count on at a price you can afford.We also offer a unique Goodride Safety Guarantee. Even though your tyre would be damaged accidentally, we will replace it in accordance with the conditions of the Goodride Safety Guarantee. For more information on the Goodride Safety Guarantee, see